Let Us Install your Low-Voltage Lighting

Have Elite Landscaping and Sprinkler Repair install your low voltage lighting similar to the landscaping above.
Photo Credit:Andreas Krappweis

Save Power by using High Efficiency Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lighting enhances your landscaping and can make the most simple landscape look like a resort. Some people will cut this out of their project; because  of the upfront cost, but the people that have low voltage lighting installed thoroughly  enjoy the effects.

To start out with a basic system that has future expansion build into the design. The newest product in lighting is LED fixtures. Most manufacturers offer a 10-15 year warranty on their lights and this eliminates the maintenance expense of changing bulbs every couple of years. Also, LED lights require less voltage to operate and over a period of time will pay back the initial upfront cost. This is the latest trend in the efforts to save power and reduce global warming.

Please do your part.