Frequently Asked Landscaping Questions


My sprinklers won’t shut off even when I put the timer in the off position. What is going on?

The time clock/ controller acts as an on/ off switch for your sprinkler valves. If your vales have not been serviced in the last 5 years, your problem is most likely the internal parts of the valve.

My timer display is flashing, what causes this?

Usually a power interruption from a storm or someone doing service work at your home and they have turned off your power.

I need a new time clock and are there any rebates from the city for upgrading?

You need to check with your water department. You can find a phone number on your water bill and they will usually issue you a credit over a couple of months on your water bill.

Low Voltage Lighting

My lights are fairly new, but sometimes they come on and some nights they won’t light. What causes this?

Even with new lights you can get a defective bulb, but most likely it is a bad connection at the light or a damaged wire.

Our lights worked well when we first installed them, but then we added a couple of more fixtures and all went dim. What causes this?

All low voltage wire has a capacity of the number of total watts it can handle. If you exceed this number, all of your light bulbs will be operating at a voltage which is less than they require. This will shorten their life.

What should we do?

Call a professional to check the total amperage being drawn on that circuit.


We want pavers and we are not sure what color to use. How do we pick colors?

You need to select a color that sets off your hardscape, but doesn’t clash with the color of your granite, house roof, and/ or block fence.

We are not sure what brand to use. How do we narrow down our choices?

Call a professional and they can suggest a supplier that has a display in their location. Not all suppliers have displays.

We want flagstone installed and were not sure how to determine how much it costs.

Natural stone materials are sold by the ton. Depending upon the type of flagstone your pick, the weight can differ. You need to measure the area and pick out what type of flagstone you want first. Installation costs are usually within the same price range depending upon the hardness of the material and the amount of cuts. Call for a quote.

We want a barbeque built where do we start?

First determine your budget and some type of layout. All barbeques are custom built and must be quoted based on your needs.

We want to do our backyard, but can only afford the patio and pavers right now. Any advice?

You need to clearly determine what the finished product/ design will be when your are done. Then install utilities first (gas, electric, cable TV, sprinkler lines, low voltage, etc.) before installing any hardscaping. There are building codes for all of these items as far as how deep below grade they need to be installed