common landscaping mistakes

Six Common Landscaping Mistakes

Here are six common landscaping mistakes to avoid.

Mistake One: Watering Too Often

While record-breaking rainfall in early October helped, it still wasn’t enough to break Arizona’s prolonged drought, although improvements are evident. Water conservation practices are crucial. Watering less frequently helps to protect against rot, fungus, and other diseases that can harm your landscaping plants. A professionally installed drip irrigation system combined with drought-tolerant plants is recommended.

Mistake Two: Pairing Incompatible Plants

Just because two plants look complementary, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re compatible. It is common for different species to have very different sun and water requirements. One plant may require full sun while the other requires partial shade. In the wrong conditions, plants will wither and if not transplanted to another area, die. This can ruin your aesthetics. Always read the plant tags and know your yard’s particulars.

Mistake Three: Planting Too Close to Hardscapes

Planting too close to a fence, house or other hardscape can cause a host of problems, including structural damage. Roots can also cause issues with underground utility lines. The recommended strategy is to plant all trees, shrubs, and flowers a few feet away from any hardscaping. Strategically placed landscaping plants will ensure you don’t spend time and money fixing this mistake in the future.

Mistake Four: Not Planning Your Garden Layout

Before making a trip to the nursery, sketch a map of your future landscape. Proper planning will help prevent mistakes two and three above as well as decide how many plants will work in each garden bed. Figure out where you want to place your plants, trees, shrubs in relation to the house. Incorporate outdoor living spaces into the design if desired. There are several resources available online or you can hire a local landscape designer to assist you with this process.

Mistake Five: Not Recycling Compostable Products

What do food scraps, paper towels/napkins, yard trimmings, and cardboard have in common? They are all compostable products. Instead of throwing these products into the trash, where they will take precious landfill space, dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. Add biodegradable materials to a compost pile and in no time, you’ll have rich fertilizer that didn’t cost you anything extra.

Mistake Six: Not Hiring a Professional Landscaper

A good landscape design can make a huge impact. It can increase curb appeal and thus property values. It can also allow you to spend more time in the great outdoors. To achieve these and more benefits, hiring a professor landscaper to design, install and maintain your yard is ideal. Elite Landscaping and Sprinkler Repair has been serving valley residents, commercial clients, and municipalities throughout the greater Phoenix metro area since 1982. Our mission is simple: to provide professional service and attention to your landscaping needs, no matter how small or large.

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