How to Win the War Against Weeds

How to Win the War Against Weeds

Weeds are not benign – they metastasize. One seemingly small weed, can multiple into an army of angry invaders, which can quickly overpower the plants you are trying to grow. This is why keeping weeds at bay can be a battle! Weeds with strong root systems, such as crab grass and dandelions, can cause overcrowding and the depletion of nutrients. Nutrients that would have otherwise been available to your plants. Here are some natural ways for you to win the war against weeds.

Don’t Let Weeds Go to Seed – Period

A single weed can produce as many as 250,000 seeds! For this reason, it’s important to allow yourself plenty of time to stay on top of weeding, particularly if you want to avoid creating more work for yourself in the future. When a weed seeds the ground, a new weed can sprout in no time at all, or lay dormant for years. The less you disturb your soil, the more likely the seeds are to remain dormant.

Smother Weed Seeds with Natural Mulch

Natural mulch, such as shredded bark or wood chips, creates an overall better environment for your garden. A blanket of mulch inhibits weeds, reduces moisture evaporation, controls temperatures, deters erosion, and adds organic matter to the soil as it breaks down. Add 2 to 4 inches of mulch to the base of your tree and plants anytime during the year.

Weed When the Ground is Good and Wet

The old saying “Pull when wet; hoe when dry” is wise advice when facing down an angry troop of weeds. Moist soil provides far better weeding conditions than if the soil were dry. No rain? No problem! Simply drench the area using your standard-variety garden hose. Once the soil is moist, equip yourself with a pair of gloves and a trash bag, and get to work on pulling the weed’s entire root system out.

Join Forces with Natural Solutions

No time to pull weeds? Don’t want to turn to harsh herbicides and/or chemicals? There are a number of effective, natural, cost-effective products you can use. Many of which can be found in your kitchen. Among the most effective are corn-gluten based products, a mixture of apple cider vinegar, table salt and dishwashing detergent, a combination of baking soda and rock salt, and boiling hot water. Many of these products are effective at killing weeds, as well as nourishing the soil. Check out Pinterest for more ideas.

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