How to Protect Your Plants from Wind and Rain

Protect Your Plants from Wind and Rain This Monsoon Season

Abrupt lightning strikes, ear-splitting thunder booms, racing flood waters, punishing winds and eye-blinding dust storms – these can all signify one thing; the arrival of monsoon season.

In Arizona, monsoon season typically spans a length of 15 weeks, from June 15th to September 30th to be exact. It relieves Arizonians from 110+ degree days, yet brings with it humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife.

It brings much needed rain to lands once dry, thus alleviating the need for homeowners across the state to water their plants. However, too much rain and wind, can bring about bad tidings as well. Just look at this year’s news reports!

Monsoon season throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area causes trees and plants to be more vulnerable to the elements. Heavy rains can over-saturate the soil. Strong winds can cause them to uproot or fall over.

However, there are several things you can do both before and during monsoon season to protect your plants from wind and rain. Here, we at Elite Landscaping and Sprinkler Repair, discuss some of the more important tips.

4 Tips for Your Plants’ Protection

Tip #1: Before planting new plants or trees, you should take time to ensure proper soil preparation and cultivation. This will help you avoid problems with heavy rainfall.

Tip #2: Protect vegetable gardens from heavy rains and winds by placing the correct amount of mulch around their beds.

Tip #3: Attend to pruning. Proper pruning will ensure your plants and trees aren’t too top heavy – therefore making them more tolerant to the onslaught of monsoon season.

Tip #4: Cover tiny plants, or plants that are more delicate, with a fine sheet off glass that is supported on small wire clip pegs. Tilt the glass slightly to one side so that the rain water runs away from them.

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