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Get Smart with Your Irrigation

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Not only do more Phoenicians venture outdoors than at any other time of year (100+˚F days are not far behind!) but Mother Nature is undoubtedly hard at work. The grass turns green, trees start to bud, and flowers bloom. Though these lush landscapes need water, they don’t need nearly as much as you think they do, especially during Arizona’s prevailing drought.

Living in a desert, many households’ outdoor water use can be as much as 60 percent, and about 50 percent of this water is wasted due to over-watering caused by inefficiencies in traditional irrigation methods and systems. That is according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

“It’s usually not necessary to water grass every day. Instead, test your lawn by stepping on a patch of grass; if it springs back, it doesn’t need water. Further your water savings by using regionally appropriate plants to create a water-smart landscape that is both beautiful and efficient to achieve the curb appeal you desire. Once established, native plants require little water beyond normal rainfall” (EPA).

What is Smart Irrigation?

Get smart with your irrigation by replacing a standard sprinkler timer with a smart irrigation controller. Smart irrigation acts like a thermostat for your sprinkler system telling it when to turn on and off, using the minimum amount of water needed to keep your turf green, your trees budding and your flowers blooming. This technology plugs into existing systems to take your irrigation from simple to powerful.

With proper installation, programming and maintenance, you can manage and monitor sprinklers from anywhere using a web browser or smartphone app. Because there is a variety of systems available, from different manufacturers, consulting with your professional landscaper is advisable. A pro can provide you with recommendations on the best smart irrigation controller for your landscape.

Smart Ways to Save Water

  • Replace broken sprinkler heads
  • Add organic mulch to plant beds
  • Harness rainwater for future use
  • Choose drought-tolerant or native plants
  • Install an automatic rain shutoff device
  • Test the sprinkler system, one zone at a time
  • Adjust sprinkler heads to prevent water damage
  • Consider Xeriscaping (landscaping that emphasizes use of rocks, ground cover, and low water-use plants)

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