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Get Smart with Your Irrigation

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Not only do more Phoenicians venture outdoors than at any other time of year (100+˚F days are not far behind!) but Mother Nature is undoubtedly hard at work. The grass turns green, trees start to bud, and flowers bloom. Though these lush landscapes need water, they don’t need nearly as much as you think they do, especially during Arizona’s prevailing drought.

Living in a desert, many households’ outdoor water use can be as much as 60 percent, and about 50 percent of this water is wasted due to over-watering caused by inefficiencies in traditional irrigation methods and systems. That is according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

“It’s usually not necessary to water grass every day. Instead, test your lawn by stepping on a patch of grass; if it springs back, it doesn’t need water. Further your water savings by using regionally appropriate plants to create a water-smart landscape that is both beautiful and efficient to achieve the curb appeal you desire. Once established, native plants require little water beyond normal rainfall” (EPA).

What is Smart Irrigation?

Get smart with your irrigation by replacing a standard sprinkler timer with a smart irrigation controller. Smart irrigation acts like a thermostat for your sprinkler system telling it when to turn on and off, using the minimum amount of water needed to keep your turf green, your trees budding and your flowers blooming. This technology plugs into existing systems to take your irrigation from simple to powerful.

With proper installation, programming and maintenance, you can manage and monitor sprinklers from anywhere using a web browser or smartphone app. Because there is a variety of systems available, from different manufacturers, consulting with your professional landscaper is advisable. A pro can provide you with recommendations on the best smart irrigation controller for your landscape.

Smart Ways to Save Water

  • Replace broken sprinkler heads
  • Add organic mulch to plant beds
  • Harness rainwater for future use
  • Choose drought-tolerant or native plants
  • Install an automatic rain shutoff device
  • Test the sprinkler system, one zone at a time
  • Adjust sprinkler heads to prevent water damage
  • Consider Xeriscaping (landscaping that emphasizes use of rocks, ground cover, and low water-use plants)

Elite Landscaping and Sprinkler Repair has been servicing residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Phoenix metro area since 1982. Our mission is simple: To provide a high level of professional landscaping service to ensure complete customer satisfaction. As a full-service landscaping company, we provide landscape and sprinkler design, installation and repair. Give us a call at (602) 390-4645 today.

The Best Trees for Pool Landscaping

pool landscaping

A swimming pool is the ultimate backyard amenity. It provides a great way for families to cool down, relieve stress, and enjoy time outdoors with family and friends. Landscaping around a pool with vividly colored and/or native trees can go a long way in enhancing the relaxing, resort-like ambiance of a swimming pool, but they must be chosen carefully. The wrong tree choice could detract from your pool’s aesthetic value.

Choose trees that:

  • Add texture
  • Have minimal leaf drop
  • Have shallow root systems
  • Will flourish around the pool in your given climate
  • Are colorful and lush, turning your pool into an oasis
  • Meet your specific requirements (e.g., shade, beauty, privacy)

Some of the best trees for pool landscaping include: Hibiscus, Papyrus, Queen Palm, Bird of Paradise, Fortnight Lily, Day Lily, Heavenly Bamboo, Apaganthus, and Golden Euonymus. The worst trees for pool landscaping include: Ash, Cottonwood, Elm, Eucalyptus, Mulberry, Oak, Pine, Popular, and Walnut (among others).

Bamboo and hedges can create a natural privacy fence, enclosing the space, and creating even more shade. You should avoid trees that grow too fast, too tall or too spindly, as these trees are often prone to excessive leaf and limb loss. Additionally, there are many small perennials that can add continuous color without the mess, which can be planted in pots.

To add texture, install a variety of plant types, like combining ground cover with leafy and flowering trees around your pool landscaping. You’ll want to choose plants that are native to your zone, such as those listed on the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association website.

The goal here is to add visual appeal to your pool landscaping, as well as spend much of the summer in the water, not cleaning your pool of debris. For help designing your pool landscaping, contact Elite Landscaping at 602-390-4645 today.

Amazing Holiday Porch Decorating Ideas

Holiday Porch Decorating

When the weather outside dips cooler, the daylight hours become fewer, and the Holidays draw nearer it’s easy to forget what the outside entrance of your home looks like as you cuddle in for the winter. However, the holidays are meant as a time to decorate your home, and make it looks its best. And, with the days, hours, minutes, and seconds just flying by, there’s no time to waste when decorating your home. Unless your plan is to look like the Grinch! With just 13 more sleeps until the Big Jubilation, here’s some amazing holiday porch decorating ideas, just for you.

Pillows: Unless you have outdoor furniture pillows may not make much sense to you, but for those of you with outdoor furniture, pillows make a great way to show off your holiday spirit. You can find holiday themed pillows virtually anywhere this time of year. Whether it’s pillows with holiday phrases or images, just choose some that you love.

Trees: Festively decorated holiday mini trees make a bold statement – especially if your front porch has a staircase. Simply place two festively decorated holiday trees on both sides of your staircase or front door. Hang garland around the front door, and don’t forget the wreath (fresh, artificial, bells, or ribbon).

Rustic Decor: For some reason, the suspense of the holiday is always heightened with rustic looking decor and furniture. Get the effect by making decor out of twigs, wood, green plants, pinecones, and/or red berries. Dark bronzed bells work quite nicely as well. A few tree branches, some pinecones, and ribbon can really make for a nice embrace.

Lights: Because it gets dark faster during the winter months, adding a set of festive lights to your front porch is a great way to spruce up your home, as well as make it easier for Ol’ Saint Nick to spot on Christmas Eve. You can light the entryway with luminaries or candles (battery operated), wrap lights around bushes or rails, or anything else you can dream up.

Presents: Fake of course! We all know the holidays makes for the season of giving – with gifts to be given and received. Place wrapped boxes or plants on your porch to look like presents (just make sure nothing’s inside). Faux presents are sure to make your visitors happy and feel the holiday spirit.

Happy Holidays!

~ From your friends at Elite Landscaping.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him

ultimate gift guide for him

Stumped on what to give the men in your life this holiday season? You’re not alone. The best gifts for him aren’t easy to find, especially if you want to give the men in your life a gift that they’ll actually like, and use all year through. However, it doesn’t really have to be all that difficult, as it just requires some thought.

Think specifically about the men in your life (i.e. dad, brother, significant other, son, son-in-law). Do any of them like playing golf or perhaps some other sport? Do they enjoy spending time in the great outdoors? Are they techies? Are they into video games? Include things from they’re interests.

There are always going to be those things that are go to gifts: movie tickets, socks, colognes, and clothes sure but where’s the fun in that. From the husband that “doesn’t want any gifts” to the brother who has extremely-specific tastes, it’s little wonder why men are the last ones we check off our lists, but all that’s about to change with Elite’s first annual ultimate gift guide.

1) Vintage Baseball Stadium Seat Silver Cufflinks

Theses nostalgic cufflinks have been crafted from authentic stadium seating, and are officially licensed by Major League Baseball making them the perfect gift for any baseball enthusiast in your life. Set in sterling silver, and featuring the original paint, you can select wooden stadium pieces from Fenway, Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field, Comiskey Park, and many other iconic ballparks. Price: $170.00

2) DEWALT DC970K-2, 18-Volt, Compact Drill/Driver Kit

Every guy loves tools – especially power tools! This drill/driver kit from DEWALT packs a big punch in a small package. Featuring a compact design, which was designed with the user’s comfort in mind, DEWALT’s DC970K-2 18-volt drill/driver kit has one of the most powerful motors for a lightweight drill. Weighing less than five pounds, it’s weight is ideal for those DIY projects, you find yourself pinning throughout the year. Price: $89.00

3) Fitbit Surge Fitness Trackers

What guy (or gal for that matter) wouldn’t like to train smarter? The Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracker, featuring built-in GPS, is ideal for both cyclists and distance runners. Fitness enthusiasts will love Surge’s ability to offer accurate fitness data. Surge also monitors your heart rate, tells the time, provides call and text notifications, and automatically detects your sleeping rhythms. Price: $249.00

4) Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch

A watch any techie will love! The Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch is arguably the most fashionable Android Wear smart watch out there. Designed to resemble a traditional watch, the Moto 360 is feature-rich, as it offers tons of smart features to simplify your life. The Moto 360 doubles as an fitness tracker! Available in a variety of finishes including Champagne, Black, Cognac Leather, Dark Metal, and Stone Grey. Price: 150.00

5) WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Some guys like mowing the lawns, but many others find it to be a chore, they’d rather pass on to someone else. The WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower lets the men in your life customize their daily, or weekly mowing, so that they can get back to what really matters: the game. The WORX Landroid, pre-programmed right out of the box, evenly mows inclines and declines up to 20 degrees. It can also accurately detect obstacles and swiftly maneuver around them. Price: $1,000.00

6) Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

Does he love golf? Is the green his home away from home? Then the Big Bertha, from Callaway, will help him take his game to the next level! A beautifully designed beast of a club, the Big Bertha is deeply customizable, with variants that allow you to select the perfect grip, shaft material, loft, and flex. Best of all, it’s forgiving, and dependable. Price: $220.00 and up

Fall Bucket List

fall bucket list

While it may be sad to bid farewell to summer, there’s something indescribably magical about Fall. Between the crisp weather, beautiful trees, hot apple cider, pumpkin flavored anything, and game-day parties {it’s football season, people}, there’s something for everyone to like about the shift in seasons. To celebrate the season’s arrival, we’ve compiled a Fall Bucket List, which includes some of our favorite Fall activities.

□ Enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte {or hot apple cider}

□ Go apple picking

You waited all year for crisp weather, so why not start the fall season right, with a day of apple picking. During the months of September and October, orchards such as Apple Annie’s open up for u-pick apple visits, and old-fashioned fun. Before you head out to the orchards, you should call ahead for hours of operation, and availability.

□ Have a photo-shoot in a leaf pile

□ Make leaf art

Bring nature’s beauty indoors with leaf art. This project is surprisingly quite simple. Gather some of your favorite leaves and/or flowers, flatten them under a heavy book, copy with a color photocopier, then glue the prints onto inexpensive canvas boards, and you’ve created a piece of contemporary art for nominal expense.

□ Go on a hay ride

□ Visit a pumpkin patch

Make this fall season unforgettable. Head on over to Tolmachoff Farms, located in Glendale, and experience the ultimate in family fun. The farm offers activities for all ages to enjoy including a 6-arce family corn maze, mini corn maze, petting zoo, hay pyramid, play area, and more.

□ Carve a pumpkin

□ Go to a haunted house

For those who enjoy feeling spooked, a haunted house is guaranteed to get your heart racing. From the 13th Floor to Arizona’s Original Scream Park, there’s a wide variety of haunted houses to choose among, as witnessed here. Haunted houses not your thing? Stay in and have a Halloween themed movie marathon.

□ Bake pies

□ Have a s’mores campfire

No fall is complete without roasting marshmallows over an open fire to make a tasty treat: s’mores. While s’mores are traditionally made by the campfire, any open fire will do – you can even make them using an oven at home. Fun fact: S’more is thought to be a contraction of the phrase “some more”.

Landscaping Design & Maintenance

GardenWith spring finally here, Elite Landscaping and Sprinkler Repair, can help make your dreams of revamping your home’s curb appeal a reality through our comprehensive landscaping design and maintenance services.  Founded in 1982, we are experts in residential and commercial landscaping design, construction and maintenance.

Whether you’re planning on staying in your home for many years to come or selling, investing time and money into your front facing exterior are two things that can really pay off in the long run.  In fact, anything you can do to successfully improve your home’s curb appeal, can count towards increasing its resale value.

One of the best times to get an overall picture of your home’s curb appeal is in the spring, as your yard’s flower beds begin to bloom, and its grass turn a healthy shade of green.  Is there any overgrown or badly pruned shrubs/ornamental trees?  Does your yard require more color in order to set it apart from your neighbors?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, may we recommend the following key landscaping tips?

  1. Trim or replace overgrown shrubs and ornamental trees.
  2. Add seasonal perennials to your flower beds for an added “wow” factor.
  3. Spread a fresh inch or two of organic mulch around your trees, shrubs and flower beds for a cleaned up look.  This additionally allows you to remain moisture.
  4. Take care of your lawn by mowing frequently.  We recommend avoiding the temptation to overwater, this early in the season, as this can cause your grass to wilt.

Contact Us Today

For some great landscaping ideas, please feel free to browse our photo gallery, or contact us at (602) 390-4645 for expert advice.  We look forward to helping you revamp your home’s curb appeal!Cars parked outside residential houses in a nice suburban neighborhood